What is sentiment decoder?

It is a market sentiments decoding engine. It understands market behavior and then display it via fear and greed index. It is present and short term forward looking view! This view is displayed via index ranging between -100 to +100, at an indices or a stock level. Is it a easily consumable format, displayed on a dial – ‘Sentiment Dials’? We would like to know your view here

How sentiments decoder helps a trader or an investor?

Our Sentiment data is for education and learning purpose only! Traders and investors can learn what is happening in the market to improve their trading. They can observe how sentiment dial is cutting all the noise (volatile up and down moves) and display insights on market sentiment. Investors can continuously track market sentiment to be on the right side of the market and make informed decisions.

Why Sentiment Decoder?

We are full time Quant Traders and Investors, we decoded sentiments for our trading and investing purpose. This helped us to remove all hassles and difficulties in interpreting charts and build a view (intraday, weekly or monthly) of the market. Then we thought if it can help us then why not let others use it! Hence we rolled out ‘Sentiments Decoder’. Read More

How to read sentiments data?

If the needle is in the green zone then sentiments are displaying bullish market behavior and if needle is in red zone then its displaying bearish side. However if in orange zone then market is in neutral territory. Number represents chance of bullish or bearish view to continue! For example, if dial is showing +0.75 then it means market has 75% chance to continue in bullish. However, let’s not forget there are still 25% chance for market to not to stay bullish. Similarly if dial is showing -0.75, that would represent market has 75% chance to continue in bearish direction, however there are still 25% chances market may not continue in bearish direction.

How accurate is ‘sentiment dial’?

So far we have observed ~75 to 80% accuracy in sentiment decoder. Hence, we are confident about views presented in sentiment decoder. However we publish probability score along with the insight.

Can I use sentiments as a tip or recommendation?

NO! Please do not take any position solely based on sentiments index. It is an insights tool of a particular market. There are many other parameters to be taken into consideration like entry price, target, risk tolerance, position size etc. in taking a trade. These parameters has to be determined by the trader/investor based on his own risk appetite and research. Sentiment index will help in understanding whats the insight in the market at that moment nothing more and nothing less!

Do you have similar sentiment decoder for stocks as well?

Yes! We build sentiment decoder for all kinds of instruments – Stocks, Index, Crypto, Equities, Commodities, and Currency. Feel free to sign up and share you watch list, we will share sentiment dial for each instrument.

What is option chain indicator?

Option chain indicator in simple words, is an insider information for traders to decode sentiments with confidence. This analytical tool analysis open interest and gives signal whether at the moment there is buying pressure (via active buy) or selling pressure (via active sell) or both buyers and sellers are having equal fight (via Equilibrium)

How frequently sentiment decoder refreshes?

Our sentiment decoder refreshes every 4min for intraday view.

What is the significance of probability in the sentiment decoder?

In markets there is no certainty and guarantees. Hence probability tells the degree with which we should be confident about the sentiments. If higher probability then there is more confidence in the sentiments.

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