How Sentiments Decoder Work?

It helps investor with insights to make right investment decisions at the right time in their favorite stocks or index. Here we explain how Sentiment Decoder data helps!

How Sentiments Decoder Data Helps Investor in Investment & Trading?

Traders and Investors can get unbiased sentiment insights on their stock in the watchlist, to make their independent investment decisions and trade confidently.

How investors use Sentiments Decoder?

Investors are looking for data driven, reliable and actionable insights hence they use Sentiments Decoder to gauge:

  • Overall market view in their stock or index (positive, negative, neutral)
  • Get insights on strength & momentum (with the movement of needle)
  • Forward looking view via probability of continuation of the sentiments
  • Possibility of reversal in the trend (Probability Index)

Based on the above insight investor & traders can beat the market volatility, up and down movements and make informed decisions like

  • If a Scrip / Stock is in your watchlist, then should you take position on that scrip or not?
  • If already invested in the Scrip / Stock, then should you wait or move out from your investment?

Principles behind Sentiments Decoder

Sentiment Decoder is powered by algorithms that analyses relevant factors, data points, complex patterns and market structures to generate easy to consume market insights. We have designed our sentiments engine on following principles:

  • Price is God! It factors everything, we just need to decipher it.
  • As per Dow theory, three kind of market structures:
    • Bullish structure: This is surfaced when needle is in green zone.
    • Bearish structure: This is surfaced when needle is in red zone.
    • Sideways or rangebound structure: This is surfaced when needle is in orange zone.
  • News, views and other narrative follows price movements, not other way round.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between market mood index and sentiments decoder?

Difficult to comment on market mood index, as it is not our product. From surface it also shows overall market’s mood in terms of fear and greed index. However, sentiments decoder is not just designed for overall market. It gives insights for each stock and index. Also it gives insights across different timeframes. Sentiment Decoder insights display overall view on the market across.

Can we compare market mood index chart with sentiments decoder dial?

Yes and No! Yes, because on comparison and further study and research you will get more clarity how two tools are different from each other. Accordingly you can choose and decide what tool to use and when. No, because market mood index chart is giving information at overall market level. While Sentiments Decoder is giving information at each instrument – Stock, Index level. Not sure if the comparison would be helpful or not.

NOTE: We are neither investment advisory nor research analysts please do consult your financial advisor for investment decisions. We are not a SEBI registered entity. Our wealth tech platform enables our partners and customers with wealth building solutions from capital markets.

To know more feel free to reach us out at support[at]marketsentimentsdecoder[dot]com

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