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Understanding Market Fundamentals

If you are sincerely looking to learn Stock Market Trading and Investing, then you have arrived at the right place! Stock Market is brutal, and it takes away everything if approached in an incorrect manner. Once you have lost everything, you will never dare to enter into Stock Market again! Just because barrier to entry is low in Stock Market that doesn’t mean it would allow everyone to get in and out with profits! One of the primary reason why stock market attract everyone is it’s low barriers to entry. However folks who make consistent profits, have gained knowledge, learnt right approach and most important gained experience by developing skills. Ultimately like any other profession, even stock market requires skilled professionals (not by qualification but by experience).

Key topics Questions addressedWhy this topic is important?
Learn to avoid unnecessary losses in the Stock Market.How to control my losses in stock market?

How can I stop loosing money in stock market?
Stock Market is like a cricket field it invites all kinds of players. Like any other game, first players need to learn to survive on the field. Otherwise very soon they will be sent to pavilion (with losses) damaging their moral, psychology and ability to play further.

Know different trading & investment styles in the Stock Market.
Learn different trading styles in the stock market

Is swing trading better than day trading?

Is position trading better than swing trading?
In Stock Market lots of players are able to survive though in proportion these survivors would be merely 10%. However do you know these 10% are not doing exact same thing! Rather these 10% have adopted their own style. To know what are these different styles to participate in the market, we have explained them in detail.
What profits are realistic in the Stock MarketHow to earn daily profits from stock market?

How do I earn 1000/- per day from stock market?

How to earn 5000/- per day in stock market?
Don’t enter the stock market with expectation of getting rich overnight! You may get lucky but if you really don’t have skills then you will not be able to sustain. Hence mathematically we have tried to explain what is required if you want to earn daily profits be it 5000 rupees per day or 1000 rupees per day etc.
Most common and most difficult trading style is “Scalp Trading”Is scalp trading profitable?

Golden rules for scalp trading

1 min scalping strategy tips and tricks
Most simple and most difficult trading style is scalp trading. We have made an attempt to explain scalp trading in detail. It is to quickly get into the stock when it is moving in a particular direction, to capture the move and then exit as soon as you reach your target or you hit your stop loss!
Key components of scalp tradingHow to find liquid markets for 1 min scalping strategy?

How to time trades for 1 min scalping strategy?

How to find short term trends and market sentiments?

How to determine stop loss for 1 min scalping strategy?
Key factors that should be taken into consideration, while planning to do scalp trading. These factors are namely liquidity in the stock chosen to take trade, timing of the trade, identification of trend as well as sentiment and most important knowing exit plan before entering into the trade.
Key principles of scalp tradingHow traders practice discipline for 1 min scalping strategy?

What risk management to be practiced for 1 min scalping strategy?

Which is best instrument for 1 min scalping strategy?

Which indicators are best for 1 min scalping strategy?
In this section, focus is to get to the next level. Here key principles of trading has been detailed. Though it may look theory but it requires lots of practice to build a discipline. Without learning, practicing and mastering these principles do not start scalp trading or any other trading or investment. Though while detailing we have focused on scalp trading, these principles can be used for any other kind of trading and investing in stock market, crypto market, forex market etc. etc.
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