Sentiment Analysis On Your Stocks & Indices.

Complete your analysis with real time sentiment view on your favourite stocks & index before making any decisions.

What is Sentiments Decoder?

A super simple and easy to use sentiment insights tool for sophisticated traders and investors. It decodes market structure and smart money behavior. It should be used for information and research purpose only.

How is it different?

Sentiments Decoder

  • Market Insight backed with data.
  • Saves time from heavy analysis.
  • Single view for each stock & index.

Other Research Tools

  • All data, no insights on smart money.
  • Do it yourself analysis, time consuming.
  • Multiple charts and data to build view.

Key Benefits

Reliable Insights

No Noise! No News! No Clutter! Just market view on your favorite stocks to take timely action based on your risk appetite.

Predictive View

Take it with a pinch of salt! Validity of forward looking view (with 70 – 75% accuracy) is very short term (depends on timeframe).

Plan & Control Your Option Trades Using Sentiment Insights

How To Begin

1. Create Watchlist

Choose your favourite stocks or Index. Define your risk appetite and holding period (weekly, intraday, multi-weeks etc.) for each Stock or Index.

Mistakes Made By 90% In Options Trading

Traders Don’t Do Their Analysis Of Nifty 50 And Bank Nifty

Even profitable trader develop their own analysis skills and uses right tools to understand the market. Sentiments Decoder helps traders to build a market view with conviction to take required bet. Loosing traders and investors rely on tips!

Traders Don’t Build Discipline And Systematic Approach

Every index trader can improve their journey in option trading if he/she can develop their own process of option trading. Sentiments Decoder helps in building this discipline and helps developing a process for right decisions at right time!

Traders Ignore Risk Associated With Options

There are multiple risk (time value, delta, market volatility etc.) associated with option trading – “No Risk No Reward”. Sentiments Decoder would enable traders to understand market behavior with sentiment insights to keep them on the right side of the market.

Traders Hope Their Losses Will Reduce Rather Than Cutting Them Off

A simple methodology that is, to avoid trades against sentiment data can help in controlling losses. Continuous assessment of sentiment data, will keep intraday or weekly option traders on top of their trades.

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