Why sentiment analysis is required in stock markets?

Sentiment analysis plays a crucial role in understanding market behavior. Price moves up and down due to the pressure exerted by buyers and sellers of the stock. Sentiment analysis is a science using which investors can assess how big players are positioning themselves in the market. Here are some of the reasons why sentiment analysis is required:

Gauge Smart Money Behavior

There could be plenty of sentiment analysis tools and research teams, doing sentiment analysis. Some gauge retail traders behaviors to play contrarian. Our tool ‘Sentiments Decoder’ is designed to gauge overall market and specially smart money behavior. How are they positioning themselves!

Price Movements in Short Term

Sentiment analysis helps in understanding short term to mid term market movement. Sometimes price moves up and down keeping small players confused about what’s market trying to do. This is where Sentiments Decoder comes handy in giving an understanding to small players on the trend (bullish, bearish or sideways) in a specific timeframe.

Risk Management

Sentiment analysis helps investors and traders in managing their risk! Risk in the market is when position is against the sentiments. Once a trader / investor has clarity on sentiments, he can avoid taking all those trades that are against market sentiments.

Confirmation Tool

Sentiment analysis helps in taking decisions on investment strategy. It’s job is to surface market behavior at that moment. Sentiments Decoder has taken a step further by also analysing chances of the behavior to continue for a short timeframe. This gives some level of confirmation to the traders and investors on the market trend.

Changing Market Conditions

Sentiment tool keeps adjusting themselves to the changing market conditions. Sometimes when market is highly volatile the fear and greed index would keep oscillating accordingly. In such scenario tool like sentiment decoder comes handy where it adapts to the structural changes in the market condition and not temporary.

Algorithmic Trading and Investing

The evolution of sentiments decoder is the function of Algorthmic trading. Team at Sentiments Decoder were building their own Algorithm driven system. For same they had cracked the code of understanding market behavior. Now they have put this engine available to wider audience (subscribers only). Other Algorithmic traders and investors can use the data feed of sentiment analysis for testing it in their choice of stock or indices.

Data driven Decision Making

In the world of stock markets where everything is just a data point, how any investor or trader can make any decision on gut feel? It is absolutely incorrect and such investors are just their just to gamble, waiting to hit a jack pot. However serious investors and traders who wants to build their own system to grow their wealth needs data backed insights that could help them in making relevant investment decisions. This is where Sentiments Decoder comes handy for such sophisticated investors and traders.

While sentiment analysis provides valuable insights, it’s essential to recognize its limitations and use it as part of a broader set of tools and analyses. There is something also known as market mood index that is another name for sentiment analysis. Combining sentiment analysis with fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and risk management strategies contributes to a more comprehensive approach to trading and investing.

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