Market Sentiment Indicator

We are a wealth tech platform. We generate sentiment signals on each stock and index in the markets. Our data platform APIs are easy to use with insights tool that helps traders and investors of all kinds. It simplifies stock market investment decision making. We have built proprietary algorithms that decodes markets structure and simplifies market view interpretation across different timeframes.

Our journey to create ‘Sentiments Decoder’ began, when we encountered a very common problem that though market is driven by sentiment but only sophisticated investors have access to it via expensive tools. Only they can complete their fundamental and technical analysis with sentiment analysis. To solve this problem of lack of availability of reliable and trustworthy sentiment view (primarily driven by smart money), we have built this tool. Our platform generates these sentiment signals and market view insights in real time for various time periods. This data technology platform would help traders and investors in making informed decisions, and manage their potential risk associated with the opportunities.

Our proprietary algorithm ‘Sentiments Decoder’ decodes market, that enables sophisticated investors with insights to make informed decisions. It minimizes uncertainty, maximize opportunity and enables price risk management. Leveraging the raw data, we have designed our algorithms that cuts all the noise in the market and surfaces purely data driven intelligence on-demand stock portfolio.


Our mission is to enable our customers & partners with sentiment insights. This would help in minimizing risk and enhance profitability.

“Every penny saved from loss could be reinvested in better opportunity

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