Our Story

We are Pricing (Data) Scientists who have become a full-time Quant Trader. In discovering our trading style, we defined our trading system to generate consistent profits from the capital markets. This system has various components, part of it is to create Indicators / Signal that generate Insights across Stocks & Indices with an accuracy of more than 70%. It helps us to confirm our analysis of the charts & data and enables us to avoid getting into wrong trades and most importantly helps us to maintain our trading psychology. Hence we have built this insights generation platform namely ‘Sentiments Decoder’! Using this platform, you can also at least sort the basics like getting insight into the market to avoid the wrong trades, maintain psychology and make informed decisions.

Our Mission

We have built Sentiments Decoder to avoid entry into stocks against Sentiment. This would help in Avoiding Loss! Minimising Risk! Enhancing profitability!

“Every penny saved from loss could be invested in better opportunity

Sentiments Tracker

Our platform allows its users to track sentiment insights data on their choice of stock and index in the market. Using this data platform they can get historical insights data via APIs or downloadable files. It enables an opportunity for further research & simplifies stock market investment decision-making. Our proprietary algorithms decode market structure and simplify interpretation across different timeframes. We are an independent technology company we do not promote any broker. Our insights are in the best interest of its users.

Our journey began as a passion project when we created a ‘Sentiments Decoder’ for ourselves. This encouraged us to open it to other fellow traders & investors. Now they can complete their fundamental and technical analysis and confirm their analysis. This tool solves for Independent, Reliable and Trustworthy ready-to-use insights (primarily driven by smart money). Our platform generates these sentiment signals and insights in real time across different time frames. So from an intraday trader to a long-term investor could make informed investment decisions.

Our proprietary algorithm ‘Sentiments Decoder’ decodes market, that enables sophisticated investors with insights to make informed decisions. It minimizes uncertainty, maximize opportunity and enables price risk management. Leveraging the raw data, we have designed our algorithms that cuts all the noise in the market and surfaces purely data driven intelligence on-demand stock portfolio.

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