Track Sentiments of high dividend paying stocks in India

One of the main strategy investors adopt to earn regular income is buy and hold High Dividend Paying Stocks India.

There would be more than 15 stocks having high dividend yield per year ~3% to 7%. But knowing vanilla top dividend paying stocks in India won’t help much to investors unless they have a criteria to identify best dividend paying stocks from top!

S. No.Company NameMarket Cap (in Cr.)Dividend Yield (%)
1Styrenix Perfor.2626.986.97
2Coal India276521.625.41
3VST Industries5735.974.04
4O N G C351052.734.02
5PTC India5911.323.92
6Power Grid Corpn.264974.213.89
7Swaraj Engines2914.373.83
8Ruchira Papers395.453.78
9Premco Global132.193.75
10Steel City Sec.122.823.69
11Gujarat Intrux97.043.53
12Ador Fontech510.313.42
14Banco Products4767.093.29
15Accelya Solution2979.813.27

How to identify best dividend paying stocks in India from the list?

There are multiple criteria and approaches that would suit investor based on his/her personal preferences.

  • If investors are risk averse and play safe then PSUs can be a good choice from the list.
  • If investors have understanding of the market sentiments then they can choose rotate their money in stocks that are having bullish view. With that they would grow their capital and earn additional income.
  • If investor have long term view that is for years they are not going to look at the stock, then they may choose companies having good fundamentals.
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