Is it possible to earn 1% consistently in the stock market?

In short – Yes! It is possible to earn 1% per day. But if someone ask, is it possible to earn 1% everyday then may be / may be not. It is applicable to any kind of instrument – stock trading, index trading, futures and options trading, crypto trading, forex trading as well as commodity trading.

Practical approach of a day trader

Here is the rational to the statement! It depends on lots of factors like choice of right trading stock / instrument (trade planing), once chosen a trading instrument then it should make desired 1% move on the chosen day in the desired direction (trading strategy), entry in the instrument is made at the time when it is about to give that 1% or above move (sentiment decoding), after move is made by the instrument / stock don’t reverse in direction (sentiment decoding), even if reversed then trader quickly exit its position in profit and post exit (risk management), what ever profit is made is maintained till end of trading day (profit protection).

Luck vs Skills

After exit if stock continues to move in the desired direction, do not regret and move on i.e. no emotions (trading psychology). Further get ready to take next position in same instrument or different instrument (trade planing). Ideally next position adds to the profit and is not given away (profit protection)! Even if it goes away it is gone from profit and not from capital (risk management). Most important in case instrument doesn’t move in desired direction then trader do not lose more that calculated risk (risk management). Not sure if would have missed out on any additional factor that would play its role in this 1% per day earning journey!

So the key question remains for how many days a day trader can be lucky and have all above factors in his favour? First of all, lets summarise above skills required by a day trader, they are:

  • Trade planning
  • Trading strategy
  • Sentiment decoding
  • Profit protection
  • Risk management
  • Trading psychology

Tools that may help!

To ensure all above factors fall in place every day, day trader would require to do lot of hard work in terms of research & planning, execution, money management and most important emotion management. Trader may make x% but maintaining it in next trade and thereafter till target is met would require discipline. Every successful day trader would possibly be a disciplined day trader (there may be exceptions!). But the core skills that differentiates a successful day trader who earns consistent profits (either 1%, more or less) would be as stated in this article.

Sentiments Decode is one of such tool for serious learners in trading and stock market. It helps in interpreting market behavior and making informed decisions at the right time.

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